6 Steps To A Killer
Teacher Workflow

It's possible to actually feel "done" working!

Are you tired of never having enough time to finish everything your teaching job requires? Do you still feel like garbage at the end of the day no matter how much you get done?

Well my friend, it's possible to actually feel "done" as your duty day comes to a close. And bringing that work home over the weekend is NOT in this guide.

A few things you'll learn:
    How long do your job requirements
    really take you? Once you know the amount of time needed, you have the power to refine, pivot, or drop the unnecessary baggage.

    What are you doing or saying again and again? Put some intentional thought into those important tasks
    once. Then copy and refine moving forward.

    By working through similar tasks at once you'll limit distractions and increase the quality of your work. You'll also get done nearly twice as fast!

A Note from Jessie…

Hey there! This guide is so near and dear to my heart because these steps have completely transformed my experience as an educator. Let me tell you about it!

Does this sound like you too?

I was desperately waiting for that “year 4 milestone” to hit. I heard again and again that the first 3 years of teaching are hell. Yet, when I passed that threshold there wasn’t a magical transformation. I was definitely a better teacher, but I still couldn’t “get it all done.”

Then I met a teacher that completely blew my mind - Joel Carlovsky. He designed this beautiful guide, and he’s my partner in crime at The Marigold Force. He taught me how to truly work smarter not harder. There are so many layers to that, which you’ll read about in the guide!

I want you to find what I found: space to breathe, peace with what I’ve accomplished, and the fire in my belly to say, “I’m not doing that. That’s a ridiculous.” I hope this guide does wonders for you too!